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Suppose you have to travel with your family by car from Delhi to Chandigarh, something you have never done before. What do you do? You ask knowledgeable people who know about the route and have done it themselves. Then you make a detailed plan regarding the roads to take, restaurants and stops on the way, pitfalls to avoid, money to carry, emergency planning etc. Thus, for a small one-time trip, you put in a huge amount of effort to be sure that everything goes alright. Do you carry out such a due diligence for your life too – planning whether you will be able to meet the future requirements for your children education, their marriage, your retirement, planning for your home, changing of your car regularly, planning for good vacations regularly, etc - from the way you earn, spend and save as on date? Hum Fauji InitiativesTM is a specialist Financial Planning Company. We provide Comprehensive Financial Planning services wherein we tell you where you stand today and what road you need to take to reach these destinations of your life comfortably. Apart from this, we also have other financial advisories - Investment planning & management, Retirement planning, Children future planning, real-estate services etc. The primary object of the services is to provide unbiased, ethical, need-based and efficient direction to your dreams for the future...

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  • Personalised Financial Planning to make your dreams of all hues come true.
  • Systematically building up long term wealth.
  • Integrated future planning for your children.
  • Retirement Planning for your golden years.


While there are a large number of investment options available in the market, right investment in real-estate is finally the Big Daddy of it all. Of all the options available to a retail investor, investment in property rivals the best provided due diligence has gone into selecting the right one. Invested with due care and after a thorough research, returns from property have the ability to outclass any other investment avenue. However, as a general rule, an investment should go into the property only after one has purchased / built / got allotted a house/flat for himself for personal residential purposesRead More...