What we do

Hum Fauji Initiatives ™ (Hum Fauji, in short) started out in November 2009 as a venture only for Armed Forces Officers, serving or retired, and their relatives with the primary objective of providing unbiased, ethical, need-based and efficient direction to your dreams for the future. It aims to deal with everything financial that an armed forces officer ever requires – financial planning, investments, real-estate, income tax filing and advice, and much more. The company quickly took off and earned the faith and respect of a large number of officers. And soon, company’s most of the new customers were the ones being referred to by the existing clients – this clearly indicated that whatever Hum Fauji was doing, was much needed and admired by the existing customers.Growing at more than 200% average year-on-year, Hum Fauji has carved out an enviable reputation for itself in financial space in the country and is held up as a unique example of a boutique financial company operating in a niche clientele area.